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There are Irish companies that only operate in Ireland. And there are huge global corporations. Which of these you choose to provide internet to your business.


The best business broadband in Ireland

From connection, mobility, management and promotion, your business needs to have the best to be able to perform for your customers and clients. Without that performance, you could be jeopardising your bottom line.

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Broadband is always going to be a crucial part of your business model. It’s how you maintain connections, how you keep your business functioning at the maximum level of efficiency and how you handle important aspects such as data storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between business broadband and residential broadband provider in Ireland is that a business with a fibre broadband connection, working like FTTC, for its internet network can expect high speed and superfast connectivity for reliable customer service. A business broadband router with a static IP address can expect broadband speeds up to 5 times faster than even the best fibre broadband found with any home phone or superfast network throughout Dublin and Ireland as a whole.

While a regular household in Ireland will usually comprise of 4 to 6 people, an office can host many more. If you imagine 100+ people trying to work efficiently over the same 20 Mbps wi-fi internet connection, high speed or not, you will understand why it’s essential that your company uses a business broadband provider. By enhancing the internet bandwidth and speeds, you guarantee everybody can communicate to the customer and provide the best service possible for efficiency without relying on mobile data. You can choose between fibre wireless broadband or ADSL, depending on the upload speed and download speed you require.

Your ISP can offer many internet services for your broadband package. As a customer, your business broadband provider will offer the best wifi speed with high Mbps and Gbps, and even unlimited business broadband speeds with a robust router cable. You also need to be able to call to Irish landlines and accept calls to your landline with a PBX phone system. An anti-virus protection package to protect your online network is also vital, but you can work with a cybersecurity service provider like Magnet Networks. A static IP address also allows staff to access the network remotely.

A reliable fibre broadband service in Ireland that uses MPLS will provide the necessary tools. You may be able to customize the broadband deal with unlimited data, superfast broadband speed, customer care and a phone line to cover telecom requirements. You can compare business broadband deals for wifi and potential upload speed by inputting your Eircode.

Making the right call on the best broadband deal for internet access is essential for balancing prices, download speed and contract length. There are many package deals available to Irish businesses to suit all budgets. This includes a month-to-month contract or a minimum term 12-month contract for companies looking for a fibre broadband offer at the lowest prices.

New customers, whether a single startup customer or a large corporation, may have an installation fee or a connection fee if there is no existing fibre broadband network connection or phone line. In some instances, a connection fee may be waived depending on circumstances.

A broadband company, such as SIRO or Host Ireland Business Broadband, can offer excellent business broadband packages or business broadband deals to new customers who call, including unlimited data and unlimited broadband. For an SME, this helps you hit the ground running with a reliable broadband connection.

However, you will not know about a wireless broadband package unless you ask, so it’s worth calling from Irish landlines to find out. It is also worth asking for an SLA for a consistent download speed, Mbps and gigabit allowances for your package. This ensures prices reflect the connection and upload speed you expect. If you encounter issues, call your broadband provider and fix connectivity for landline, phone line, wi-fi, mobile, cable or digital telephony and VoIP to get you up and running and enjoy superb wifi broadband connection to serve the customer properly.

This can vary depending on the internet speeds you require, as well as the size of your business. All the best business broadband companies offer packages to help you find the perfect deal for your business. For the fastest broadband speeds, (400 Mbps), you can expect to pay €75.00 per month. However, there are cheaper deals available, especially for SMEs.

The faster speeds and bandwidth allocation are the most obvious reasons. Besides this, the increased technical support will also demonstrate superb value. As your business network must operate consistently, you can expect support within 24 hours, and if it is urgent, you can even receive troubleshooting in as little as 2 hours.

The best business broadband depends on what your business requires. Large enterprises need the best broadband coverage, but they can also pay the monthly price. Smaller companies are unlikely to have the budget to afford the highest Mbps, but you may not need this. Whether Virgin Media, eir, Vodafone, Three or Magnet, you should be able to find a package that suits you.

Internet Services For Business

Whether you are a running a small company or a massive enterprise in Ireland, it’s crucial to explore the internet services that you could need. Depending on your set up you could need a variety of services for your business to operate effectively and ensure that you can provide the right level of support for your customers and clients.