The competition for the best business broadband has grown massively in recent years, and Magnet business broadband has remained in front as a competitor. Magnet business broadband has been a key player in business broadband choices. Magnet offer 100Mb business broadband that could match your business needs, allowing you to have the best to be able to perform for your customers and clients. Without that performance, you could be jeopardising your bottom line. Considering this, you really should be researching the best broadband for your business, and when it comes down to it, Magnet business broadband has the scalability and security for your communications and technology solutions.

Why Magnet?

Magnet are based in Ireland and are a leading provider of telecommunications, data connectivity and security services for your business. We provide internet solutions not just in Ireland, but globally and we are proud of our reach. We have a team of over 100 staff and they are led by our fantastic leadership team and we are powered by innovation. We live the technology solutions that we provide to our customers, and that’s why Magnet business broadband is the best choice.

Business Fibre 100

Magnet business broadband owns and runs its own network and a part of that is our business fibre 100 offer. We offer a next generation service through our extensive fibre optic and copper access network. We have office bundles that make sense for everyone.We are able to give our customers their own line that is not shared with any other business, and here are some of the reasons that our fibre 100 could work for you.

Fibre broadband is fast, and Magnet business broadband aims to provide you with the best speeds possible for your area. Your office experience has never been faster or more accurate than right now with Fibre 100. Here are those highlights you’ve been waiting for!

  • Speed options up to 100Mb
  • Superfast fibre makes your online office experience seamless!
  • Instant page loads
  • Lightning fast downloads
  • Up to 20Mb upload speeds
  • Detailed support centre to assist you
  • Extended hours support for question handling
  • Superfast data transfer speeds
  • Free Magnet Protect for a month when you buy Magnet business broadband for new clients.

Switch Today

Magnet are powering businesses around the world and have many years of experience in serving Irish businesses. We know we are the best for data and network quality. Our business brand is a trusted one, and we can provide you the best support possible, working within your schedule to give you the best connectivity in Ireland. The best bit? There are no surprises. We will keep you informed of our service and its costs every step of the way. Only using one supplier is great for your business overheads, and we are here to help you out in any way that we can.

Magnet business broadband cannot be beaten, so why wait around? Get yourself switched over today and do something amazing for your business.