Virgin Media

Business broadband is growing in competition and in recent years, Virgin Media Ireland Business broadband has been a key player in business broadband choices. You don’t have to be a big business to get a big service with Virgin Media, and we know we offer serious deals whatever your business needs. Whether your business has under 20 people or over 250, we can offer you an unrivalled service where you are getting everything that your business needs to be functional and able to continue.

We won’t give you a hard sell; we don’t need to. We already know that our customer team can talk you through everything that you need for your business, including the challenges that you will face and how we can help. Our goal is that you come away knowing you’ve chosen the best product around for you.

Why Virgin Media?

We cater for businesses of all sizes with Virgin Media Ireland business broadband. We offer the fastest delivery times and we can get your business connected faster than every other business broadband provider out there.

Small Business

  • We know that our powerful product range can help your small business needs.
  • Our fast broadband, affordable phone plans and bundles can bump your business to the level you want.
  • Connect with your customers, clients and colleagues better than ever before with Virgin Media Ireland business broadband.
  • Upgrade your phone line with 100Mb-400Mb speeds.
  • You can offer your customers Virgin Wi-Fi from the moment that they walk through the door.
  • Our business mobile offering gives you shorter term contract freedom: perfect for your business!

Medium Business

  • We offer dedicated internet access with the ultimate in connectivity.
  • Whatever your business does, we can help you get online faster with some of the most reliable speeds in the country.
  • Connect with your customers, clients and colleagues better than ever before with Virgin Media Ireland business broadband.
  • Our solutions will support your business needs every step of the way.


  • Your big business needs big connectivity and when you are around the country operating in multiple offices you cannot afford to have a poor connection.
  • Dependable services with the fastest installation are what you can expect with Virgin Media Ireland Business Broadband.
  • We aim for your connectivity and efficiency every single time.
  • SIP trunking allowance, VoIP and data come together over a single line - a huge cost saving for your business!

Switch Today

Virgin Media have many years of experience in serving Irish businesses, and we know we are the best for voice, data and network quality. Our business brand is a trusted one, and we can provide you the best support possible, working within your schedule to give you the best connectivity in Ireland. The best bit? There are no surprises. We will keep you informed of our service and its costs every step of the way. Only using one supplier is great for your business overheads, and we are here to help you out in any way that we can.

Three Ireland broadband cannot be beaten, so why wait around? Get yourself switched over today and do something amazing for your business.