Business broadband is growing in competition and in recent years, Vodafone has been a key player in business broadband choices. From communication solutions to higher speeds, your business needs to have the best to be able to perform for your customers and clients. Without that performance, you could be jeopardising your bottom line. Considering this, you really should be researching the best broadband for your business, and when it comes down to it, Vodafone business broadband tops the charts all around.

Why Virgin Media?

Before you go rushing to sign up, you need to know why Vodafone business broadband is the best. Vodafone Ireland has been repeatedly independently verified as the best network for smartphones, the fastest network for mobile broadband speed and we have an unrivalled customer care team that are there to be with you with any help and support needs. With Vodafone business broadband, you can guarantee that you are going to work smarter, more flexible and more securely. We have the fastest 4G network in Ireland for business, and with the Network Satisfaction Guarantee that we carry, you can walk away if you’re unsatisfied.

Fixed Communications

With Vodafone business broadband, we offer fixed communication. Here is a little bit about what we offer within that:

Broadband & Landline

  • We offer transparent pricing that is simple to manage.
  • Our connection from our supplier is both cost and hassle free, meaning you can rest assured that you are getting what you paid for.
  • When the time comes to upgrade, we can customise your connection easily.

Gigabit Broadband

  • We pride ourselves on offering you the fastest broadband that you can get.
  • The ultimate online experience comes in the form of Gigabit.
  • Our Vodafone business broadband offers dedicated installation support from our experts.
  • We do not give you a shared connection, meaning that you can get the best of your internet connection experience all day every day.

4G Mobile Broadband

  • Our 4G Office Broadband has a 90% coverage in every county for our lightning fast broadband.
  • Our internet connection is reliable and you don’t need a fixed landline for it - the ultimate treat for remote workers.


  • We have a modern and exclusive offer for our business broadband customers in the form of Gigabit Broadband.
  • You can experience advanced Wi-Fi speeds, a larger range and great control.

Switch Today

Vodafone have 20 years of experience in serving Irish businesses, and we know we are the best for voice, data and network quality. Our business brand is a trusted one, and we can provide you the best support possible, working within your schedule to give you the best connectivity in Ireland. The best bit? There are no surprises. We will keep you informed of our service and its costs every step of the way. Only using one supplier is great for your business overheads, and we are here to help you out in any way that we can.

Vodafone business broadband cannot be beaten, so why why around? Get yourself switched over today and do something amazing for your business